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Welcome to Essenza Pura Aromatherapy

Welcome to Essenza Pura Aromatherapy

*Free Postage Special*

Dear Scentualists,
Hope all is well with you all  we wish to advise that between today 20th June and Sunday 6th of July to Celebrate the wither Solstice we are offering free postage on all purchases from the Essenza Pura range of Products ( this excludes empy bottles and Jars)
Payment must be made with Credit Card or Direct deposit into our Bank account please disregard total showing postage charges pay the amount before postage is added.
Hope to hear from you and please enjoy the Winter Solstice and Celebrate the fact that we are approaching the shortest day and and this means that there is more light ahead.
Best wishes
Essenza Pura


Culminating over twenty five years of experience, Essenza Pura Aromatherapy present a truly indulgent range of essential oils and aromatherpay products, impressive in both its scope and quality. Essenza Pura Aromatherapy is a labour of love for creative director and owner, Rina Altobelli, whose commitment to quality and intuitive connection with the olfactory sense is captured in every product.

Essenza Pura Aromatherapy was developed with the aim of bringing premium therapeutic grade aromatherapy products to the broader public and demonstrating the powerful restorative properties of natural plant extracts through exquisite creations. The esteemed Essenza Pura Aromatherapy range is a culmination of over twenty five years’ experience for creative director and owner, Rina Altobelli. A true labour of love for this master aromatherapist, Rina’s commitment to quality and her intuitive connection with the olfactory sense is captured in every product. Essenza Pura Aromatherapy truly is aromatherapy for connoisseurs.

Central to the Essenza Pura Aromatherapy line is a comprehensive range of pure essential oils, including a large number of rare oils such as Angelica Seed Co2, Artemisia Afra, Benzoin, Cardamon, Labdanum, Musk Seed Co2, Oakmoss, Tonka Bean Abs, Vanilla Extract Co2 and Violet Leaf. More importantly, users will be delighted at the superior quality of Essenza Pura Aromatherapy essential oils that results from an intensive selection process.
Travelling around the world in pursuit of the ideal essential oils ensure that each essential oil is sourced from the finest of a large number of suppliers worldwide. The quest for the ideal essential oil extends far beyond obtaining ‘100% pure essential oils’ – an unfortunately misleading term due to its ability to encapsulate grades of essential oils of such poor quality that are more suitable for industrial use than the delicate art of aromatherapy. Essenza Pura aromatherapy maintains quality and potency by accepting only first grade oils (those distilled or expressed from the first extraction) to even come into consideration for our stock. Minimal distillation time is also taken into consideration.
Strict laboratory testing and analysis ensures that each essential oil is pure (ie. free of contaminants) and meets not only international therapeutic GMP standards but Essenza’s own high standard of quality. As its name suggests, aromatherapy centres on smell, and this test is conducted personally by Rina’s expert nose; Essenza Pura Aromatherapy essential oils are chosen for their clean, fresh and alive aromas. All of this ensures that the essential oils finally privileged as part of the Essenza Pura Aromatherapy range are the purest and finest available.

Such confidence in our range is supported by the fact that Essenza Pura Aromatherapy derives much of its interest by word of mouth. Users recognise the true quality of our oils by comparing individual oils with those of other well-known and respected brands – a practice we readily and confidently invite. But, we must all make these discoveries for ourselves. We’ll let your nose be the judge.

Essenza Pura Aromatherapy covers the entire spectrum of aromatherapy and are ever evolving.



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