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JOYOUS BATH & MASSAGE OIL 100ml (Tangerine, Lime, Grapefruit & Sandalwood)

A blend to refresh and revitalise the body. Rich in Vitamin C, this oil is very beneficial for circulation and skin health.

DETOX ORGANIC HERBAL TEA 250ml (Nettle, Figwort & Spearmint)

This is the ideal tea to detox the body, it is very high in Vitamin C, it is a great tonic for the body, this is traditionally used by herbalist and naturopaths to help those suffering from ezcema caused by tension and nerves. Infuse a couple of tea spoons of this herbal blend and drink 1 - 2 cups up to 3 times per day, ideal for dieting or for detoxing for cellulite purposes. All herbs are fresh and organically grown in Tasmania Australia.

VENUSIAN FACE CREAM 60ml (Vanilla, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Cardamon, Lemon & Sandalwood)

A luxury cream for the face for dry, dehydrated and mature skin, an indulgent experience with precious essential oils and lush natural cold pressed carrier oils. Essential oils of Vanilla Co2, Rose Maroc, Ylang Ylang Extra, Cardamon, Sandalwood East Indian Mysore.


Use up to 3 times a week on cleansed skin, apply a small dollop and massage on face and neck paying particular attention to chin, nose and forehead, if skin is sensitive massage gently around the cheek area. It keeps the skin and pores clean, alive and youthful and it makes any cream or lotion applied afterwards more effective as the lotion or cream is not sitting on dead dry patches on the surface. The use of a facial scrub is guaranteed to keep your skin youthful always.

FINE GREEN CLAY MASK 60ml (Lavender Tas)

Apply weekly for dry and sensitive skin apply twice for mature oily, normal and dehydrated skin. Refines the skin and cleanses the pores, real lift for all complexions.

ENLIVEN SALT SCRUB 300ml (Lanyana, Peppermint & Lime)

This Salt Scrub is in a beautiful base of Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Camellia Oil & Vitamin E with essential oils of Lanyana, Peppermint & Lime. Use this salt scrub as you would a normal body scrub, it will not irritate the skin as the beautiful carrier oils make the granules glide over the skin and help rid off dead cells while coating your skin with a beautiful mantle of vitamin packed oil, no preservatives, no additives, and has a beautiful revitalising smell of quality essential oils and it leaves the skin smooth and pampered. Use at least once a week, you can also use this on the feet while doing a pedicure. You can also use it to exfoliate the skin prior to applying a fake tan.

MEDITATION ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND 10ml (Orange, Frankincense & Myrrh)

Expand your consciousness with these highly spiritual oils. Open your soul to the surrounding angels and guides. Use this blend in the bath or diffuser, or in meditation to instil clarity and pave the way to a path of light and positivity. Take your prayers into a higher realm. This blend helps to bring on relaxed meditative states by slowing breathing. It is a very calming blend for many occasions.


CLEARING ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND 10ml (Lemon, Orange, Frankincense & Lavender)

A refreshing and cleansing blend. The word ‘Lavender’ has its basis in Latin, meaning ‘to wash’. Frankincense cleanses the spirit, acting as psychic protection. Lemon is antiseptic and fresh, and Orange is warm, inviting and friendly.


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